Cesium Tungsten Bronze

What is cesium tungsten bronze?

Cesium tungsten bronze is inorganic nano material with good property in absorbing near-infrared with uniform grain size and dispersibility, it has strong absorbing function in near-infrared area with wave length 800~1200nm, also has high transmittance in visible light area with wave length 380~780nm.
Chinese Name: 铯钨青铜
CAS Number: 189619-69-0
Molecular Formula: Cs0.33WO3
Molecular Weight: 276
Appearance: Dark blue powder


cesium tungsten bronze specification

Cesium Tungsten Bronze Preparation Method

A. Use sodium tungstate (Na2WO4•2H2O) and Cs2CO3 as raw material
a. Use AR grade sodium tungstate Na2WO4•2H2O as raw material, configurating sodium tungstate solution for concentration of 0.5 mol/L;
b. Obtain tungstic acid solution by ion exchange resin method, adding citric acid solution of concentration 1mol/L or 2 mol/L and 0.3mol/L Cs2CO3 solution, stick it evenly, the precursor solution is obtained;
c. Adding precursor solution into autoclave, reacting for 3days under 90℃, after ultrasonic washing, alcohol washing, centrifugal and dry the Cs0.33WO3 is obtained.
cesium tungsten bronze producing process chart

B. Use WCl6 and CsOH•H2O as raw material
a. Weigh a certain amount of cesium hydroxide to dissolve in ethyl alcohol, weigh a certain amount of tungsten hexachloride in ethyl alcohol to obtain cesium hydroxide solution and tungsten hexachloride solution.
b. Mix and stir the above obtained solution for 1h, reaction precursor solution for preparing Cs0.33WO3 is obtained.
c. Transfer the above precursor solution in reacting furnace, put in the dry oven for hydrothermal reaction for 1 day, the obtained precipitation is processed with ultrasound, ethanol washing, centrifugation, dry to get Cs0.33WO3.
cesium tungsten bronze producing process chart


1.Transparent heat insulating coating and membrane.
2.Thermal chemical fiber, textile fiber and other high performance insulating media.
3.Transparent insulating window film, architecture coating.
4.Car pad pasting, PVB insulating membrane, laser marking, diagnosis treatment, infrared filter.